PT Railink continues to conduct business expansion as well as improvement of quality services to the public. This, of course, cannot be done alone. This requires reliable business partners for the company to be able to grow together.

In developing this side of the business, PT Railink pays great attention to the application of the principles of Good Corporate Governance. For this reason, PT Railink invites potential business partners to submit their Company's Administrative Requirements, addressed to our procurement department.

We'll keep you posted with news on opportunities to cooperate with PT Railink on this website.

Basic and Administrative Requirements to Become a Business Partner PT. Railink

General Legal Administration File Checklist

  • Most recent company establishment certificate for Indonesian legal entity or valid ID for individuals;
  • NPWP and/or PKP;
  • Certificate of domicile;
  • Certificate of Company Registration;
  • Business license from relevant agencies (such as Trading License/Permanent Trading License/Permanent Business Tourism Permit);
  • Corporate Income Tax payment proof (Corporate Tax Return for 2011 or 2012, VAT for the last 3 months;
  • Certificate/license as sub-franchise (for franchisees)


For business activities related to airport railroad services the criteria of business partners must also fulfill the following:

  • Operating license from the authorized agency
  • Has relevant experience in the proposed business field.
  • Has reliable and professional human resources;
  • Has good performance if the prospective business partner have worked or are working with a company;

Business partners who submit the applications must comply with the requirements in the applicable regulation.

Business partners who get approval for requests for their business activities must sign an Integrity Pact stating, among other things, that in the implementation of the cooperation it will not practice Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism.


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