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04 Dec 2020

Start from December 7, 2020, Kualanamu Airport Train will be more excited trip with more travel schedules

2 Desember 2020


Start from December 7, 2020, Kualanamu Airport Train will be more excited trip with more travel schedules

By implementing new habit adaptation, PT. Railink has returned to gradually operating the Kualanamu Airport Train – Medan start at August 1, 2020.

“Start on Monday, December 7, 2020, PT.Railink will add another train schedule for Kualanamu Airport Train – Medan from 10 trips to 20 trips per day”, said Mukti Jauhari as PLT President Director of PT.Railink.

Adjustment of the schedules for the Kualanamu Airport Train – Medan was due to the increase of airline passengers by 40% compared to the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Meanwhile, the occupancy of passengers for Kualanamu – Medan airport train experienced an increase by 27%. The additional of this travel schedules are an effort to improve the services for customers, who continuing to apply the strict health protocols,” added Mukti.

This increase volume of passengers was also supported by the “safe travel campaign” activities carried out by all stakeholder of PT. Angkasa Pura II and we also consistently implemented health protocols for passengers and all frontline officers. This what makes people have trust and comfort to using Railink Airport Train as transport.

“we also inform you that the ticket of Airport Train will be available in all the platform and link reservation, both online or offline at each station with a price of IDR 50.000 per ticket. During the promo in December, there is no returned ticket except for passengers who not required the conditions during a new normal.” Concluded Mukti.

In addition, we also provide airport train tickets promos for Garuda Airlines passengers at a special price of IDR 40.000 and for customers who have Railink train tickets, they can exchange to vouchers hotel that in collaboration with PT. Railink.

For the latest information on schedules, protocols and guidelines for the new normal order of Railink airport train, customers can scan the barcode available at the information desk in all train station or visit this link bit.ly/panduanrailink and also can reach the PT.Railink official website, at: www.railink.co.id or in social media Railink IG: @KaBandaraRailink, FB:@KABandaraRailink, Twitter:@RailinkARS.

For further information, via E-mail : humas@railink.co.id


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