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14 Aug 2020

Providing Convenience for Customers, PT Railink launches an application with a new look and new features

PT RAILINK is a subsidiary of 2 BUMN companies, namely PT Kereta Api Indonesia and PT Angkasa Pura II, established to become the first Airport Train operator in Indonesia to dedicated and  bringing new enthusiasm to the service of rail transportation modes in Indonesia, and has a commitment to remain always improve the quality of service, especially for people who want to travel from and to the airport.

Railink Airport Train provides easy access to Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta and Kualanamu, Medan by offering competitive advantages such as on time performance, certainty, speed and comfort.

"In order to provide the best experience for customers, today we are very pleased to be able to bring back the access to purchasing Railink tickets through the Airport Train Application with a new look and new features. We will launch an application with a display which is easier and more convenient for customers on Monday, 17 August 2020, ”said Mukti Jauhari as Acting President Director of PT Railink.

Several new features are here to make it easier for customers to buy and use airport train services in the form of travel recommendations for customers to and from the airport, Flexi Time, Flexi Quota, E-boarding and an easy Refund process.

“This application with a new look and new features can only be updated on Android and for iOS is in process. However, customers who use IOS can still make transactions with the old application, "added Mukti.

Customers will be able to enjoy the appearance and convenience of ordering tickets starting from the selection of a Train schedule. We will provide travel recommendations for customers going to the airport or just landing. After selecting the schedule, customers are facilitated by the various payment method options available. All purchases are available on the ticket page, where a barcode can be used for Tap-in and Tap-out at the gate. In addition, Barcode can also be shared with other customers.

Other new features include:

1. Flexi Time

This feature makes it easy for customers who want to be more flexible in choosing a trip to and from the airport. On this ticket, customers can choose the planned departure day and customers can choose the schedule, by directly exchanging tickets on the Airport Train application.

2. Flexi Quota

Customers who regularly take the Airport Train can join the Flexi Quota service. Ticket purchases are made in advance with a more attractive number of trips, period and price. On the day of departure, customers can immediately exchange tickets on the Airport Train application. The Flexi Quota package is valid for all relations in the same city.

3. e-Boarding

All purchases via the Airport Train application will be available with an e-boarding pass, where a smartphone can be used as a ticket and can directly tap-in and tap-out at the gate. In addition, purchasing more than one ticket through one application can easily share barcodes in this menu.

4. Easy refund

Cancellation of tickets can be monitored more easily on the application. Tickets that can be submitted for cancellation will show their final status here.

"We hope that the appearance of this new application and new features will provide convenience and comfort for customers as well as increase public interest in utilizing public transportation, especially land transportation in the form of Airport Train, which offers two important factors,  timeliness and convenience," concluded Mukti.

The public can get the latest information about airport trains on the PT Railink website, namely: www.railink.co.id or on Railink IG social media: @kabandara, FB: @KABandaraRailink, Twitter: @RailinkARS.

For further information, via email: humas@railink.co.id


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